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Alta Racks ALTA SIX General Purpose Bike Rack

Alta Racks ALTA SIX General Purpose Bike Rack
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Nothing but you should touch the bike, ALTA SIX GPR is the rack that cuddles your bike and creates the best carry experience for the bicycle. Rack includes six baskets, you may choose two baskets of different sizes. For example, four regular baskets, one mid-fat, and one fat bike basket.
-Highly Engineered basket design ensures contact only to the tires, saving your rims from damage typically caused by other racks.
-Baskets accommodate wheel / rim sizes from 24 inch up to 29+ inches.
-Three width available for tires, 3 inches wide (General basket), 4 inches wide(Mid Fat basket), and up to 6 inches wide (Fat baskets). Select your combination. You can always purchase other basket sizes at a later time.
-Basket horizontal adjustments allows the operator to move the bike horizontally across the top beam for better handle bar clearance.
-Adjustable rear wheel tie down for best pedal clearance.
-Lower horizontal bar sliders allow the operator to adjust the pedal clearance to create better separation between bikes.
-Vertically adjustable horizontal bars create the best separation for your specific needs, three height adjustments.
perfectly angled for dips in the road and offroad drops.
-Off-road end plates for tie down point.
-Slam latch action, super secure latch system creates a quick and easy locking and unlocking process for lowering the bikes and locking them in to position.
-Outer Safety Pin(OSP) for secondary security. Tie down interface system for tripple secure cargo carry.
-Bike brake engagement for solid ride.
-Locking loop for securing the bikes to the frame of the rack
-Triple safety in everything we do, Outer Safety Pin(OSP) allow for one handed operation for lower the rack for better loading and unloading process.
-Product tested rigorously for over two years.
-Built in interface for repair stand, optional repair stand interface integrated in to the rack
-Hitch mount with anti-sway system, rack is delivered with anti-sway plate. No Flop, Flap, or Jingle. Save the bike dance for the trail not for the ride to the trail.
-Use of generic Hardware, such as bolts and nuts. No proprietary products. We won’t charge you 30 dollars for a bolt. Find replacements in your local hardware store, buy directly from us.
-Powder coated, we use a three-step powder coat process to ensure longevity. Sand blast, Zinc primer, and outdoor rated powder coat.
-Life Time manufacturer warranty against defects, and Life time support. We build the ALTA SIX GPR in a way that all parts can be replaced in the case of damage.

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